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What is the latest version of Stamp?
The latest version of Stamp! is version 2.0.8, and it can be found in the download section.
What is the deal with gstamp?
GTK Stamp!  is an X Windows configuration file generator for stamp which also provides all the functionality of stamp.  It also has a neat preview option to see what your image will look like with the current settings.
Why did you use GTK for gstamp?
GTK is becoming the standard widget set for open source X applications. For more information on GTK, check out the GTK homepage.
I noticed stamp can apply colored text to images, what about those of us with black & white cameras?
Stamp 2.0 now generates color jpegs regardless of whether or not the input jpeg was color. So you can now put color text/shading onto black and white images.
My image comes out all fuzzy, even though I am setting the quality to a reasonably high level!
Be sure that you are sending stamp the highest quality image. For example, if you are using cjpeg to convert your images from your quickcam output, be sure to specify -q 100 and no optimizations. Then, let stamp handle the quality settings as the last step in the image processing.
Why did you take away the input/output file command line options? My webcam script archives images.
You can still archive images. Just do something similar to this:
I can't use gstamp. What is the format for the config file?
Here's an example ~/.stamprc
Is this program Y2K compliant?
Of course. :-)
Why didn't you implement feature X?
Tell us what features you would like, and we will more than happily consider implementing it for you, or assist you with understanding the code, so you can implement it on your own...

How can I help out Stamp! or its authors?
Send us coffee.  Any kind will do, although we would prefer exotic coffee, since we can get normal coffee at the supermarket. Email Patrick for donation details. :-)